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Inspections, Infestation Reports, Moisture Problems, Structural Issues, Foundation Problems, Termite and Pest Control.

We are Charleston Natives who have been proudly been doing business for over fifteen years.

CL 100 Reports, Inspections, Clearances, & Repairs.

Termite Treatment
Termite Bonds
Pest Control
Fungi Treatment
Mold Removal
Wood Rot Repair
Water & Moisture Damage Repair
Foundation Damage Repair
Joist Damage Repair
Sub Flooring Repair
Sill Damage Repair

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Caroline West

Very professional service.  I needed a CL100 quickly and they got it done so the house could close on time.  Impressive!  I will definitely use them again.

Caroline WestCarolina Elite Real Estate
Max Muster

Great guys and very prompt!

Max Muster

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