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 in CL100 Clearances, InspeCL100ctions, Infestation Reports, Moisture Problems,  Structural Issues, Foundation Problems, Termite and Pest Control .

We are Charleston Natives who have been proudly been doing business for over twenty years.

CL 100 Reports & Clearances Inspection Reports, Clearances, & Repairs.

Fungi / Mold Treatment & Removal
Wood Rot Repair
Water & Moisture Damage Repair
Mosquito Control
 Foundation Damage Repair
Joist Damage Repair
Sub Flooring Repair
Sill Damage Repair
Termite Treatment & Bonds
Pest Control

What Is A CL 100?

A Clear CL100 insures that there are no current termite, moisture, water, mold and/or fungi issues that are currently affecting or may potentially affect the structural soundness of a home.

Due to the high concentration of moisture, flooding, and termites in the “Low Country” of Charleston, South Carolina, a Clear CL 100 is required by lenders in South Carolina on any property being purchased through financing for the protection of the home owner and the lender financing the property.  

What is the CL 100 Process?

A potential home owner locates a property and makes an offer.  If the property is being financed, the lender will require a home inspection and a clear CL100 termite inspection.  Home Inspectors and Termite Inspections look for wood rot/decay, water/moisture damage, previous or current termites, foundation and structural issues, among other things.  If the preceding are found, they are required to suggest that a Qualified Licensed Home Building Contractor further inspect and evaluate the issue(s).  If repairs are needed, the licensed contractor will, upon agreement with sellers/buyers, make the necessary repairs.  Once the repairs are made, the contractor will issue a CL 100 clearance letter assuring the “structural soundness” of the property and make recommendations for future preventive maintenance for the home owner and lender.

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